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Reward for Completing the Trials of Osiris Week in Destiny 2 (May 6-10): Trials of Osiris map chosen by players, now it is time to attempt to get a Flawless card on Altar of Flame. This week in Destiny 2 (May 6-10): Trials of Osiris map chosen by players, now it is time to try to obtain a Flawless card on Altar of Flame.


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Bungie invited Destiny 2 players to vote on the map they’d want to see them play during the upcoming Trials of Osiris event this week, rather of having the map chosen at random. Following the conclusion of the voting, you will be playing on Altar of Flame this weekend for another four days of the most difficult competitive event available in the game. Here’s all you need to know about the Trials of Osiris, which will take place this weekend, including the prizes you may win for completing the trials flawlessly.


Despite the fact that we have the map, we won’t know what Adept weapon you may get for completing a Flawless Trials run until the event begins on Friday with the daily reset. When the Trials begin, we’ll be sure to update this post.


Altar of Flame Location Map

Pinnacle Trials Engram won 20 rounds in a row.

Pinnacle Trials Engram has won 7 matches in a row.

Reputation Rank 10 — Eye of Sol (Kinetic sniper rifle); following reputation reset, Shayura’s Wrath (Kinetic sniper rifle) becomes available (Void submachine gun)

Reed’s Regret is a reputation rank 16 weapon (Kinetic pulse rifle); following a reputation reset, The Messenger becomes available (Stasis linear fusion rifle)

Passage without a hitch — The Summoner (Adept) (Solar auto rifle)

The Summoner (Adept) in Trials of Osiris is expected to be available for purchase this weekend, since the item will be removed from the treasure pool in Season 17.


Starting with this season’s Trials weapons, which now include the new Alacrity Origin Trait, they have been somewhat enhanced. In the event that you are the last live member of a fireteam or are running alone, it provides you with greater aim aid, reload speed, stability, and range on your trials firearms. When you reload your gun while out of battle, you may opt to switch to the Crucible Origin Trail, One Quiet Moment, which significantly increases the speed with which your gun reloads.


In the same manner that they always have been, Trials will be accessible from Friday’s daily reset at 10 AM PT /1 PM ET through the following Tuesday’s weekly reset at the same time. Visit Xur to see what Exotics he has for sale while you’re there as well, if you have the opportunity. Make sure to pay a visit to Saint-14 in the Tower in order to get a Trials card, which will decide which bonuses you will receive (such as whether you get bonus rewards at certain milestones or if a loss will be forgiven).


A new weekend PvP mode has been added to the game. It will be available from the daily reset on Friday through Tuesday, allowing you a total of four days to participate. A “Flawless” run, in which you and the other two players in your fireteam win seven matches without losing any, is your goal in the Trials.


If you achieve Flawless status, you will be awarded a trip to the Lighthouse as well as some unique prizes, which may include the new Adept weaponry. These goods feature extra stat boosts, making them some of the most highly sought-after things you can get in the game.


Because of a number of modifications to Trials this season, the mode is now a bit more accessible than it has previously been. Now that matchmaking has been implemented, you will be able to participate in matches even if you do not have a complete team of three individuals to take on the challenge. Your Trials Passage, the card you buy from Saint-14 that enables you access to the mode and keeps account of your victories, will no longer keep note of your losses, allowing you to continue playing and receiving prizes even if you fail to complete a Flawless run. Bungie has also adjusted Trials so that you earn rewards based on the number of rounds, rather than matches, you’ve won during your session, and added a reputation system that’s similar to the Crucible and Gambit, making it easier to earn some of the Trials of Osiris’s unique loot.


Finally, by engaging in the mode, you will gain Trials Engrams, which you may exchange with Saint-14 on the weekend after the weekend in which you earned them. The new update allows you to fine-tune your engrams so that they give particular pieces of treasure, or you may take your chances with random drops that will increase the amount of stuff accessible in your loot pool. In other words, even if you’re just getting started in Trials, there are lots of opportunities to acquire awesome new gear.