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At Best Destiny Services we are looking to give the best experience for our customers. We offer big range of services, from Destiny carries with our Sherpas to account recovery. We are always available at our email or live chat, and if you didn't find the service that you want open the chat and we can make anything happen.

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Why Best Destiny Services ?

First and foremost, welcome to Best Destiny Services, one of the fastest growing Destiny 2 service providers out there.
Our entire team is dedicated to providing the most secure, efficient, and professional recovery and Play With Us in-game boosting services that you can find.
With thousands of orders completed for all content across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, we've accumulated some of the best players in the world to provide assistance to any Guardian out there looking to get things done.
Don't believe it? Check out the hundreds of reviews in the Feedback section of our site or contact us directly. We look forward to working with you! Feedback doesn't lie. While our business has only been established for about a year, the skills our team hone are some of the best out there, and have been developed through years of gaming and practice. Our PVP team is unparalleled, offering industry leading turn-around times that can only be achieved by our top 1% gamers.
Our PVE teams rank in the top 200 Guardians across the world for raids, some with world records and all with multiple accolades to their name.
However, we know that professional quality service is more than just skill in the game and quick completions; in fact, customer service is our top priority and umbrellas our commitment to building your trust.
Our hundreds of reviews given by customers speak volumes to our quality and level of professionalism during every single interaction.
We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients with the same quality of service every single time - no exceptions.

We understand the time and dedication that players put into their accounts, especially with a lifestyle game such as Destiny.
That's why security starts the second you access our site and doesn't stop throughout the process.
Here are a few things to make you feel safe about using our website and services:

Our SSL security certification is always valid and in use, which you can see that your connection with us is secure by the padlock icon in the URL bar of your browser.

Recoveries can be nerve-racking, which is why we offer both account recoveries (we play on your account) and Play With Us (you play with our team) options on most of our services.
If you want to read more about the differences or the process, please feel free to contact us or check out our F.A.Q.

We only use PayPal, one of the top and most secure payment processors out there.
While you do not need a PayPal account to checkout with us and can check out as a guest, it is our preferred method due to its' top of the line security.
We use one of the most secure e-commerce website platforms (Shopify) to ensure that your information is secure and protected. With that in mind, here's a few of our guarantees: We promise to treat all people with respect and accounts as if they were our own, plus some. We know the time, dedication, and care that goes into building up your accounts and would never put it at risk for any reason. We understand the caution in providing us with your account information during account recoveries, so aside from the safety guarantee we make every customer, we ask that you please contact us with any questions so we can talk you through the process or discuss other options. We promise to educate whenever you play with us (and even when you don't), not just rush the experience. With this, you will gain confidence and the ability to get into this content in the future with the knowledge of how the activity works. We promise to maintain professionalism, resulting in services that exhibit patience, flexibility, trustworthiness, honesty, and working in an efficient and timely manner.

We understand that there are dozens of Destiny 2 service providers out there, so as a newer company, we want to shed some light about our business philosophy and our team.

Our team is small, purposefully, as we look for the best in the community and believe in a team-driven and team-constructed company. We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships amongst our team as well as our client-team member relationships so that when you come back to us, we're working together on a first name basis. Moreover, we believe in affordability but also in providing you a quality service that lives up to the cost of our services; in all - quality is our motivator, not quantity. We offer 24-hour, day-round interaction methods so if you have a question while we're completing your service, we're right there to answer.
This business is built by a passionate community who are truly invested in helping others achieve their goals in-game.
We strive for a level of mutual respect as it boils down to one thing: we're all gamers with the goal to have fun and educate across the board.

We would love if you took the time to read through our feedback as we feel that in less than a year, we've exemplified this philosophy we aim to build our business on and it is reflected in your thoughts and comments.

If you have any questions, you know where to find us! - Josh, and Alex Team Leads

Our monthly story

“Nathan, are you coming downstairs for dinner?”

A knock sounded on Nathan’s door as he heard his mother’s voice. Twelve-year-old Nathan was playing a shooter video game on his computer. He was a tall, dark-haired kid with green eyes. He was good in the games; he liked shooting, killing aliens, and whatever obstacle was in his way. Nathan's favorite shooter video game was Destiny Franchise. Tonight, he was playing a Destiny 2 story game online, but the website suddenly shut down. He switched off his computer and then switched it on again. He logged onto the game website, but he found a new creepy game which involved killing aliens. It was a new Destiny 2 carry story developed by a crazy fan who loved the game. The Bungie logo had been replaced with the logo of a dragon with a human leg sticking out of its mouth. Nathan loved this new game.

The graphics were so real that blood splashed all over his screen whenever he killed an alien. He felt a rush of adrenaline as he fired a series of bullets into an alien's head.

“Nathan.” Mommy called.

“I’m coming.” Nathan said.

“Hurry up; you know it's rude to keep people waiting," Mommy said.

It was Nathan's dad's birthday, so they had guests in the house.

“Do you want to upgrade the game to reality mode?”A feminine computer voice asked.


“Are you alone? The reality mode is hazardous and should be played when you are alone.”

“Yes.” Nathan lied.

A screeching sound filled the air and Nathan’s room appeared on the computer screen. The other parts of the house also appeared on the screen. Nathan could see the guests downstairs; his grandfather was in the kitchen, while his mother was outside his door.

You were warned.

His heart pounded in his ears, and he knew something crazy was about to happen.

You lied. Do you take responsibility for whatever happens tonight?

"Yes," Nathan typed.

A red glowing light flashed out of the computer screen. He was mesmerized by the light. Nathan's eyes slowly transformed until they were glowing. He felt a burning sensation in his head, and he cried out. He staggered out of the room, moving his arms around, to find his way.

“There’s an alien behind you.” The computer voice whispered in his ears.

Nathan whirled around, grabbing a fire poker which was beside the staircase.

“Nathan, are you alright?” His mother asked.

He lifted the fire poker above his head as he approached her. She took a step backwards as fear coiled around her. Nathan looked different and scary.

“Somebody call the cops!” She screamed.

Nathan heard the alien's screeching sound. He aimed the iron fire poker at the alien, and it pierced the creature's stomach. Nathan pulled out the iron and licked the blood on it. He kicked his mother's body, and it rolled down the stairs, dropping on the floor with a loud thud.

Nathan's family rushed out of the dining room. They screamed when they saw the body on the floor. When Nathan looked at his family, he didn't recognize them. He thought they were aliens; his father looked like a dangerous predator. He threw the poker at his father, and it went through his heart. The others screamed and ran towards the door. Nathan looked at the door, and it closed. The guests and Nathan’s siblings screamed as they tried to open the door.

Nathan’s older sister, Anne, called the cops as she hid under the dining table. Nathan stood over his father’s body and stabbed the iron into his chest several times. Blood splashed onto his face while he laughed mechanically.

Nathan thought he was still playing the game. He loved the upgraded version of the game, it looked so real and the aliens’ bloodcurdling screams echoed in his ears. Nathan stabbed the iron into his father's heart and ripped it out. He rubbed his fingers on the bloody organ in his hand, it felt warm.

Anne crept behind her brother and jumped on him. Nathan hurled her against the wall, and her skull cracked. Thick grayish matter trickled out of the sides of Anne's face as she slumped on the ground. Nathan looked at the guests who were at the door, trying to open it. He grabbed a man by his collars and stuck the fire poker into his mouth, blood rushed out of the man's mouth and dribbled down his white shirt. Nathan felt a rush of excitement at the sight of the blood; he slid the iron into the man's right eye and poked out his eye.

Nathan threw the body on the floor and strode towards the others. The door suddenly opened, and some cops rushed in, with guns in their hands.

“Step back.” The cops yelled.

The lights in the house suddenly went off, and the computer in Nathan's room shut down. He crashed to the ground; convulsing and then he became unconscious.

Several hours later, Nathan woke up in a mental hospital. His hands and legs were chained to the bed.

He was never the same again.

He always felt an insane urge to kill; sometimes, the urge was so strong that he ripped off the flesh on his arms with his teeth.

Nathan's grandfather told the cops that something in the game changed his grandson, but no one believed him. The cops checked Nathan's computer, but all they found in his browsing history was a link to a harmless shooter video game.