When it comes to style and efficiency, few other games try to offer both to players the way Destiny 2 does between the various armor sets and a multitude of ornaments available to play with. Trials of Osiris, in particular, has a tradition of delivering some of the most visually-striking armor in the game playing on the Egyptian influence of the mode’s namesake. Bungie will continue this in Season 17 with a brand-new set of Trials armor for each class to grind and earn in the PvP-centric mode, and the studio just gave players a first glimpse of what they look like.

The high-end PvP Destiny 2 activity will be refreshed with new gear for Season 17 and beyond.

Destiny 2 Season 17 Trials of Osiris armor - How to get
With Season of the Risen close to coming to an end, Bungie has slowly but surely announced some of the things players can expect from Season 17 in Destiny 2, which remains unnamed.In their latest This Week at Bungie developer blog posts, it was revealed that Trials of Osiris, the aspirational high-end PvP activity that’s received a ton of changes in the past months, will get some more, with new armour being up for grabs.

destiny 2 season 17
Season 17 will continue story threads from The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen. (Picture: Bungie)

With Trials of Osiris debuting in Season 17 this upcoming 10th June, Bungie promised more loot to incentivize participation from both new and veteran players.

“While we’ve already announced that a Fusion Rifle and Sidearm will be up for grabs, we’ll also have some new armour for your fashion game. We’re leaning deeper into the Trials themes that you’ve seen over the years, and excited to see how you mix and match these new sets with pieces from activities throughout the game.”

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Season 17 armour

trials of osiris armor
Trials of Osiris will have new armour for players to chase. (Picture: Bungie)

Each one of the classes (Warlock, Titan, and Hunter) will have one of these new Trials of Osiris armour sets to chase. As of the time of writing and as one would expect, Bungie is keeping under wraps how exactly will players will be able to get this new gear.

They may be random drops while playing the mode, a special quest to earn armour pieces, or obtainable through bounties. One thing’s for sure, knowing Bungie, it may become a bit of a grind trying to get all pieces of the armour set. The armour and more guns aren’t the only new things players will be able to chase, with the Falcon’s Chase Sparrow also making its debut.

The brand-new Trials of Osiris sparrow. (Picture: Bungie)

While the return of Trials of Osiris is still a few weeks away, Season 17 itself is right around the corner, set to start on 24th May. It’ll likely follow up on story threads from The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen.

Furthermore, Season 17 will see Bungie debut massive sandbox changes and activities, such as a brand-new dungeon. Dungeons are raid-like activities for three players, making them more accessible while maintaining them challenging.