Iron Banner returns next week on April 12 and Bungie gave a little warning to players in its This Week At Bungie post saying that everyone should spend their Iron Banner tokens–which are earned by completing matches and bounties–before the Season of the Risen ends. Not only that, players must complete their seasonal Iron Banner What We Survive quest and redeem completed bounties if they wish to grab those rewards because Saladin’s reward structure will change starting next season.

This isn’t the first time players have received this warning, Bungie tweeted last month that Iron Banner tokens and unredeemed bounties will be lost.

In a previous TWAB, Bungie gave a roadmap of Season of the Risen’s activities which states that the last Iron Banner for this season will be on May 10. The developer also noted that it’s “looking to prevent the abilities bounty for our final Iron Banners before next Season” based on player feedback. Players found that this particular bounty took too long to complete. Bungie decided to only include weapon and objective bounties for the rest of the season before players say farewell to Iron Banner bounties.

Bungie has not yet revealed details about Iron Banner’s upcoming reward structure but issued a similar piece of advice to players before removing all Gunsmith Materials, Mod Components, and Telemetry Data, giving Tower vendor Banshee-44 a different structure for leveling up in Season 16.