30th Anniversary celebration content

It was inescapable when Bungie introduced the new Dares of Eternity action in Destiny 2 as part of the game’s 30th Anniversary celebration DLC that you made your first journey into the mode. It was a good strategy for throwing existing players into the new mode to give them a chance to check it out, but the unintended consequence was that it trapped “New Lights,” or those who were new to Destiny 2, in Dares of Eternity, where they were unable to fight their way out because they lacked the necessary equipment.

As soon as word got out that the New Lights were locked in a space game show purgatory, Bungie took to Twitter to recognize the situation. However, although a cure for the Dares issue is currently being developed, it will not be available for use right now. The developer advised veteran Destiny players to follow in the footsteps of others who had already begun to do so: equip shoddy gear, leap into Dares of Eternity, and rescue the Guardians who had been trapped there.

While a remedy to prevent New Lights from being dropped into Dares of Eternity will not be implemented until at least next week, the situation is not hopeless. A unique symbol is also being developed for players who undertake Dares to preserve New Lights, as well as for those who are in need of rescuing themselves, according to Bungie.

The first time you log into Destiny 2 following the release of Dares of Eternity, you’re effectively kidnapped by Xur, the weekend Exotics trader and Agent of the Nine who sponsors the activity, which is explained in more detail below. He throws you right into your first Dares match, which is more or less a cosmic game show with a twist to it. In the activity, you will face three rounds of combat against various opponents, each of which will be selected by a spin of the “Wheel of Adversity.” The activity requires a Power level of 1150 and features Champions, who are adversaries that must be beaten by the players utilizing particular weapons and modifications in order to proceed. Both of these things are prohibitively difficult for beginner players, who begin the game with 1100 Power and without the necessary modifications to cope with Champions and other powerful opponents.

In Dares of Eternity, veterans may lower their Power levels to around the same level as New Light players during matchmaking—you can do this by using gear from the Collections page or purchasing it from merchants like as Zavala or Lord Shaxx in order to be knocked down. The battle will be with players of a comparable skill level, and after you’ve entered the arena you may switch back to your usual gear and stomp on any foes as you normally would.

Although altruism is its own reward, receiving a special symbol for assisting in the rescue of New Lights is also really wonderful. Bungie distributes unique emblems from time to time to assist the community in identifying “you had to be there” moments in the game, which occur when bizarre circumstances and events unwittingly produce a memorable event inside the game. Players who took part in Crucible matches when the Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun accidentally became overpowered after an update received an emblem, and another to commemorate a similar situation when everyone melted each other in PvP while using the Prometheus Lens Exotic trace rifle for a weekend received another emblem from the developer in 2019.

So if you want to be able to claim that you were there when the New Lights needed you, it’s a good idea to lower your Power and take a spin on Xur’s Wheel of Adversity. Some blueberries may express gratitude to you, and you will ultimately get a very particular badge of honor as a result of your efforts.