If you’ve played Destiny 2 this weekend especially, but really, for a few weekends now, you may be saying to yourself:

“Wait, why is everyone using No Time To Explain?”

But now, not only is the Beyond Light pre-order exotic Pulse Rifle suddenly meta, it is the most dominant weapon in Trials of Osiris this weekend. From TrialsReport, here’s the top 10:


  1. No Time to Explain (Pulse) – 1.3 million kills
  2. Piece of Mind (Pulse) – 1.1 million kills
  3. Austringer (Hand Cannon) – 1.06 million kills
  4. Beloved (Sniper Rifle) – 1.02 million kills
  5. The Last Word (Hand Cannon) – 647,000 kills
  6. Main Ingredient (Fusion Rifle) – 631,000 kills
  7. BxR-55 Battle (Pulse) – 438,000 kills
  8. The Messenger (Adept) (Pulse) – 395,000 kills
  9. Jotunn (Fusion) – 390,000 kills
  10. Ace of Spades – 373,744 kills


The rise of No Time to Explain comes on the back of a rise in Pulse Rifles more generally. Now, they have finally unseated Hand Cannons as the top kill-getting primary in Trials. This week, they’re 17% of all kills with 4.7 million compared to 14% Hand Cannon with 3.9 million kills.


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So what’s going on? A few things:


  • Pulse Rifles got a small bump in the last sandbox pass to make the more viable than before.
  • The Airborne Effectiveness changes has caused many people to steer away from Hand Cannons that were more reliant around airborne play, but now they find they can’t hit their shots as reliably. The next best option is Pulses.
  • No Time to Explain specifically is just a very powerful Pulse Rifle, allowing for full auto fire on the exotic without a mod, rewind rounds returning ammo and its little orb buddy for additional free damage.
  • As for why it’s in the top slot? The former king of Pulse Rifles, Messenger, had its main perk Desperado nerfed. Piece of Mind is so high because it’s a rapid fire that can be given double enhanced perk, but NTTE works right out of the box without the need to hunt patterns and grind out 20 levels.


I am curious why Bad Juju and Vigilance Wing haven’t made the list yet, as both should also be solid in this current meta. I do think there is at least some level of “herd mentality” here which can snowball when you start to see a bunch of enemies using a gun, you too will start using that gun. Or a couple YouTubers make a “NTTE is amazing now” videos and it helps rocket it up the charts. The meta can shift for individual guns that way, although the move to Pulse Rifles away from Hand Cannons is more of a foundational change to the entire meta based on sandbox changes.